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Queer Characters: Zevran Arainai

N.B. I originally wrote this for GayGamer on March 7, 2011. GayGamer has since ceased to exist, so I am republishing this here, and will also do so with a few other pieces over the next few months. Of late … Continue reading

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2016: Persona 4 Thoughts

I recall an IRC exchange with Matthew Gallant when Persona 4 released. This was during perhaps the more prolific part of my writing about games career, and I was covering a lot about sexuality. His excitement was that Kanji seemed … Continue reading

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This Gaymer’s Story

Because it needs to be said, I only speak for myself. Trigger warnings for suicidal thoughts, sexual violence, homophobia, child abuse, life. I made the mistake. The mistake I warn others of not doing. I read the comments. In case … Continue reading

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A Case for Closets

This is part of an on-going series that will concern itself with storytelling as it concerns the queer community. A Case for Closets will put forth some of the issues to consider concerning coming out of the closet, though it … Continue reading

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Redfield Re-worded

I don’t like being judgmental, but somehow, no matter how much I edited and thought about the post I wrote about the Chris Redfield Flash game yesterday, I feel that my tone may have been. If it was, I apologize–that … Continue reading

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Chris Redfield Tied Up

This Flash game (which I’ve embedded farther down the page–NSF work or those who are offended by penis) recently came to my attention. It concerns Resident Evil‘s Chris Redfield, and as the creator puts it ‘taking advantage of him.’ I … Continue reading

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A softer touch

The media has certainly evolved in many ways since the 1970s. 1972 saw Cosmopolitan publish a centerfold of Burt Reynolds with conveniently placed arm. For reasons of decency, the penis was conveniently tucked away. Then, in 1977 came John Travolta … Continue reading

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Sexually Transmitted Information

One of the charms of The Sims franchise is its ability to allow me to control much of its world and meaning. As I stated in my last post, this all does exist in a boundary and rules must apply, … Continue reading

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Simulated History

Through the gender studies portion of my degree I took among my more interesting classes at Wabash College. Three (of the five) that stand out in my mind are an historiography class using sex and fascist Germany as its focal … Continue reading

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Homo say Gears?

N.B. For lack of any confusion, this post is only concerned with, at this time, the first Gears of War. The sequel is another post in the future. For months I have seen and heard assertions that Gears of War … Continue reading

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