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Choice Effect

Potential spoilers: Dragon Age, The Witcher. Despite donning a different role in the various games I play, I find that when faced with the option of subjugating someone, or siding with those who hold systemic power, I always pause. Recently … Continue reading

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’90s Politics Are Dead, Long Live ’90s Politics!

Opinion: the term political correctness can go away now, please. The title of this IGN article is “Opinion: The Problem with Political Correctness in Video Games.” Mattie Brice has already critiqued it heavily (from erroneous ‘free speech’ issues to the issues … Continue reading

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Gendered Violence

I largely feel that when adding a female protagonist into a mostly linearly plotted game (read: no emergent gameplay; nor creation of your own character or characters that aren’t fully developed, instead being ciphers to ludic pleasure), the whole tone … Continue reading

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Thou dost not protest

Dan Golding of Subject Navigator brought up a point that has played back in my mind quite frequently over the last four years (the amount of time I have been a vegetarian). Being a vegetarian opened up my eyes to … Continue reading

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Emotionally Invested

This past weekend I went to a party celebrating my good friend Sir Iris’s (everyone loves a palindrome) twenty-fifth birthday. The central theme around the party was Sock Wrestling. Iris rents out a room in her house to various foreigners … Continue reading

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Disparities in image

Human Rights Campaign news via GamePolitics.com: Game publisher Electronic Arts, Xbox maker Microsoft and leading retailer GameStop are among 259 corporations that have been awarded perfect scores for their treatment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees, consumers and investors. … Continue reading

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Twin Peaks of Excellence

Despite the problems we may have adapting forms of media amongst themselves, music and videos are something that are generally accepted, and are an artform in and of themselves. One month ago, to the day, I posted about Amanda Palmer’s … Continue reading

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