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Potential spoilers: Dragon Age, The Witcher. Despite donning a different role in the various games I play, I find that when faced with the option of subjugating someone, or siding with those who hold systemic power, I always pause. Recently … Continue reading

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Polyamory In Game Romances

Doesn’t really exist, does it? Due to the romantic systems in place, the simple fact of polyamory almost always seems to be shut out, as you pursue the tree branch to get to the end of the romantic storyline with … Continue reading

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The BioWare Choo Choo

Spoilers: Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2: Arrival. BioWare has become known for the choices it presents its players. Are you going to be a Jedi or Sith? Open Palm or Closed Fist? Paragon or Renegade? However, with Dragon … Continue reading

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Blood Mode? Check.

Spoilers: Dragon Age 2. The world view the writers of Dragon Age espouse is quite fatalistic. In their world, power does beget responsibility, and people normally manage to abuse it. Kings, queens, humans, elves, Qunari, Andraste, etc. It’s all a … Continue reading

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Carver’s My Brother

Spoilers for Dragon Age 2. I had it all planned out. My first Hawke was going to be of male sex, based off of my main alt in most games, Aeazel, and be a mage. I even had planned out … Continue reading

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Informal Review: Dragon Age 2

I’m getting into the habit of not posting again, which tends to occur when my mood shifts down. In trying to combat that, I’m writing down some general thoughts about Dragon Age 2 that are relatively spoiler free–at least as … Continue reading

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Economic Truth

Spoilers: Alpha Protocol, Dragon Age: Origins & Leliana’s Song DLC. Recently having bought Alpha Protocol during a Steam sale and playing it shortly thereafter (also known as an anomaly), among the things that caught my attention was that the story … Continue reading

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