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’90s Politics Are Dead, Long Live ’90s Politics!

Opinion: the term political correctness can go away now, please. The title of this IGN article is “Opinion: The Problem with Political Correctness in Video Games.” Mattie Brice has already critiqued it heavily (from erroneous ‘free speech’ issues to the issues … Continue reading

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Ada Lovelace Day: Lori Ann Cole

Known as the first programmer (and a female to boot), Ada Lovelace worked with Charles Babbage’s first general-purpose computers. Today is the celebration of Ada Lovelace Day, where bloggers are asked to draw attention to the work of females in … Continue reading

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Homo say Gears?

N.B. For lack of any confusion, this post is only concerned with, at this time, the first Gears of War. The sequel is another post in the future. For months I have seen and heard assertions that Gears of War … Continue reading

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Dork Club

This picture was taken from my freshman year dorm. My roommate was from Texas and this was his first snowfall; his infectious glee (as a card-carrying German, I’m rather used to snow) caused me to take out my camera and … Continue reading

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Director’s Notes

Dramatis Personae:Director – DirectorZoey – Rose_BurnsLouis – Danteschmidt73Bill – ShawnShaunsonMcGeeFrancis – 1Mark 9von9 Russo0 Okay, sit down. Here’s the deal: you people need to get over yourselves. None of you is the star by him or herself. There are four … Continue reading

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Body Gaming

This weekend brought to my attention a fact that I had not fully pondered, but one which I’d argued in the past: gaming is a community activity. It started Saturday. After a four hour rally against the hate legislation that … Continue reading

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Have you talked about talking about gaming?

In the same trip to London where I saw a slew of great and mediocre (though not absolutely horrible) theater with my theatrical peers, I had the opportunity to visit the Tate Modern. There are two rules I try to … Continue reading

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Miasma of Excellence

I’ve been hearing a lot about Mad Men, and as a person who doesn’t watch television, I’m finding it surprising that I’m so intrigued. Most of the talking I’ve read or heard about this title concerns feminism and how it … Continue reading

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Smashy Smashy

It was the end of my high school career. I had just completed an original one man show, directed another two act play, and was finishing all the remaining duties that remained as a member of the International Thespian Society … Continue reading

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Once upon a time, in a city that was labeled with the number 2

Imagination, story, writing, narrating: these are all words that describe my earliest loves. My aspirations as a child were three-fold. I wanted to be a father, contortionist, and writer. I’ve abandoned any progress on the first two, but the last … Continue reading

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