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Queer Characters: BioShock

N.B. I originally wrote this for GayGamer on March 24, 2011. GayGamer has since ceased to exist, so I am republishing this here, and will also do so with a few other pieces over the next few months. Rapture is … Continue reading

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2016: Persona 4 Thoughts

I recall an IRC exchange with Matthew Gallant when Persona 4 released. This was during perhaps the more prolific part of my writing about games career, and I was covering a lot about sexuality. His excitement was that Kanji seemed … Continue reading

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Queer In Marvel Heroes

My boyfriend and I have found a game into which we can settle for now: Marvel Heroes 2015. For me this is an amusing turn of events: it’s been within the last handful of years that I have become rather … Continue reading

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2013 Into 2014

I’m not writing as much as I once did. This is partly because 2013 has been a transitional year for me (having a job that pays well and has regular hours, many different circles of friends, and a boyfriend), and … Continue reading

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Politics of Localization: Mein Kampf

I have been participating in a weekly trivia for a few weeks now. It meets on Wednesdays at a local Pub/Pizzeria place in downtown Knoxville, and has been intriguing to highlight what I don’t know anything at all about (sports, … Continue reading

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RuPaul’s Drag U, Season 3, Episode 2

Dear Drag U, What happened? I know last week I praised you for having a bit less focus on the drag queens of your show, and how you highlighted the struggles of the women who were on your show. This … Continue reading

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Need More XP

I fell off the blogging bandwagon for a bit, largely because I relocated to Berlin, and have since found myself not being able to fully settle (yet, I’m hoping to do so in the coming months, though it may mean … Continue reading

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