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HRC’s Branding Attempts

Right after the recession hit the media in a big way, the company for whom I was working shrunk the design department with which I was working. Taking the opportunity to pursue something about which I was passionate, I decided … Continue reading

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Five Out of Ten

I don’t know how to pitch. While I have pitched articles in the past, successfully and not, I have found that what usually ends up being sent out reads more like a personal note, introducing myself, and talking about something … Continue reading

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Let’s Discuss: Apologies

Oh no! Suddenly your social media feeds and inbox are full of irate people peppering you with accusations of being insensitive, a bigot, all because you used a sexist/racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc. word, image, or phrase. What do you do?! Fret not, I … Continue reading

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’90s Politics Are Dead, Long Live ’90s Politics!

Opinion: the term political correctness can go away now, please. The title of this IGN article is “Opinion: The Problem with Political Correctness in Video Games.” Mattie Brice has already critiqued it heavily (from erroneous ‘free speech’ issues to the issues … Continue reading

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