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Queer Characters: Zevran Arainai

N.B. I originally wrote this for GayGamer on March 7, 2011. GayGamer has since ceased to exist, so I am republishing this here, and will also do so with a few other pieces over the next few months. Of late … Continue reading

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Gaming Made Me: How I Learned to Stop Fearing and Love Decisions

As a child, I was deemed a born diplomat. The easiest anecdote to relate was when my parents would ask whom I loved more, and I would respond both, giving a compliment to each. As is often the case with … Continue reading

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Potential spoilers: Dragon Age, The Witcher. Despite donning a different role in the various games I play, I find that when faced with the option of subjugating someone, or siding with those who hold systemic power, I always pause. Recently … Continue reading

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Polyamory In Game Romances

Doesn’t really exist, does it? Due to the romantic systems in place, the simple fact of polyamory almost always seems to be shut out, as you pursue the tree branch to get to the end of the romantic storyline with … Continue reading

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Maturing Game

Spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins exist in this post. I’ve previously stated I’m not a fan of games who give me my morality on a scale with two polar ends. It is making me roll my eyes at my current … Continue reading

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Zevran Arainai

Welcome to VBR’s LGBT Spotlight, an on-going, non-consecutive series highlighting my stumbling across LGBT characters in videogames, explicating their use as a character, and examining how their sexuality is treated. This particular post will contain spoilers for Dragon Age: Origins. … Continue reading

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Dragon Age: White Origins

I will note that while I am critical of Dragon Age in this post, I am enjoying the game and it has taken over most of my gaming time. Ronia is a character I make in most games where I … Continue reading

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