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Gaming Made Me: How I Learned to Stop Fearing and Love Decisions

As a child, I was deemed a born diplomat. The easiest anecdote to relate was when my parents would ask whom I loved more, and I would respond both, giving a compliment to each. As is often the case with … Continue reading

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Lead Me

Recently I read all three Mass Effect novels released thus far. I will likely review them more in-depth somewhere else, but what I found interesting was how it gave further insight into the world BioWare has built, specifically: Captain Anderson, … Continue reading

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Dice Rolls

I recently reinstalled and started two games based on the Dungeons & Dragons systems (both well before third edition rules): Baldur’s Gate and Stronghold. What I found, almost immediately, upon starting up both games was my aversion to a system … Continue reading

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Battling Ghosts

From the blogs I read, it seems like BioWare is rarely praised for the intuitiveness of their systems. While I never praise them, I also rarely seem to encounter too many problems (had some complaints about the skill bar in … Continue reading

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