2012 Year in Review

2012 has been among the worst years I’ve ever faced, though I feel it saw some of the better writing I’ve ever produced. Considering 2011 ended with the publishing of This Gaymer’s Story” both here and Kotaku, and was basically me making an impassioned argument, it was fun to explore other avenues of my writing as well (though a few incidents required my writing those impassioned arguments as well). I suppose the big thing about 2012 was finally moving away from GayGamer, a drift that had been occurring over the last year, as well as writing for quite a few new outlets.

So, in case you missed it:

With the Galaxy in Flames, My Video Game Hero Finally Came out of the Closet” was published on Kotaku after I finished Mass Effect 3. I won’t get into arguments about the ending because I didn’t care. The game’s story for me was my Shepard coming out and then dying.

Working with Alyssa Rosenberg at Think Progress, I looked at DC’s new ‘gay’ Alan Scott Green Lantern, only to find it absolutely disappointing in how insulting and unimaginative it was.

I played Analogue: A Hate Story, and consider it one of the best experiences for me this year. I also wrote about how through the experience, my silence felt a poignant reminder of the themes of the game over at Medium Difficulty.

In 2011 I started a series where I played as a drag mother through the Pokémon series, which Gamers With Jobs was kind enough to host.

The favorite review I wrote this year remains this one for GameCritics about Endless Space.

Over at Gameranx, I wrote about the Skyrim’s Falmer, and how their narrative in the game disturbed me and showed a systemic silencing and sense of violence.

Oh, Papo & Yo. First, there was this piece at Gameranx about how if one could step back, it does well at showing violence perpetrated against anyone considered in the minority. Then there was this piece for Gamercamp where I had an opportunity to interview Vander Caballero.

I also started writing for Unwinnable, a suggestion of Jenn Frank’s. The first piece that resulted was a stream of consciousness thing about Dinner Date (which I really, really enjoyed).

Beyond such, I also released a board game. I haven’t received much feedback, so my assumption is you haven’t played it, or feel like not hurting me feelings. Please give Love Life a try and give me some honest feedback.

For this next year? Some new types of writing in my immediate future. Also, more games criticism and reviews. Also, I am working on a drag queen deck building game that I will further outline soon.

Here’s to 2013 being better than its immediate predecessor.


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