Drag On!

This summer my friend Stephen and I were playing a lot of deck building games. As I was finishing Love Life (which you’ve played, of course), it occurred to me that it would be fun to tackle a deck building game myself. I find the genre rather amusing, and quick and easy for newer players to pick up (though, naturally, the strategy takes a while to master). It also opens itself up to playing with the mechanics to get across certain points, much as I remarked that Miskatonic School for Girls does with its sanity tracker: everyone loses, the point is to be the one surviving the longest.

Which is to say, Stephen and I have been working on what we’re calling Drag On! for now. A deck building game about drag queens, where each player starts with a drag mother and various accessories, and from there starts to build her own drag family out of the queens available to them. I’ll get into more specifics about the gameplay in a later post (largely because I’m still testing and tinkering to see what does and does not work), but for now, I figured I would give a taste of the queens you will be meeting.

The drag mothers:

  • Beaver Arthur: an elderly white queen with a sharp tongue
  • Queen Beach: a plus-sized Hawai’in queen who loves surfing
  • Simone de Boudoir: a black French queen who idolizes Josephine Baker
  • Ricki Martini: a pop-obsessed Latin@ queen from Puerto Rico

Then the queens they can assemble into their houses:

  • Lilith Darling: Korean queen who is hairy and lithe, and loves school girl outfits
  • Victoria Cumbersnatch: a posh British queen in a wheelchair
  • Wilhelmina One-Eye: a plus-sized lewd Somalian queen with an eye patch
  • Sherry On Top: this plus-sized Latin@ queen is a bit older and hails from Florida
  • Polly Partin’ Thighs: it’s fairly easy to imagine whom this white Tennessean gal idolizes
  • Ginifer Beefeater: a lush Pakestani queen from the UK
  • Panic Pixie Girl: a hipster black queen hailing from Portland
  • Edwina Wood: elder white queen who loves those old horror movies
  • Zelda Cutie: hailing from New York City, this black queen is obsessed with the roaring ’20s
  • Pretty Hate Marlene: a Chinese queen who rather adores the ’90s industrial scene
  • Sis Boomba: this Latin@ queen from Argentina does an interesting cheerleader nun mix
  • Frida Callme: hailing from Mexico, her patented look is the unibrow and mustache
  • Ruby Rodless: this Haitian queen does love sci-fi movie cosplay quite a bit
  • Brigid Ten Inch Baum: this Jewish Bostonian queen loves her some BioShock and videogame cosplay
  • Jenuwine: this black queen from D.C. loves that soulful R&B
  • Girlface Thrillah: hailing from New York, this queen is off and on with the PuTang Clan

The goal is to provide you, the possible players, with a more in-depth story of these queens in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out!

About Denis Farr

Writer interested in intersectionality, games, comics, nerdy stuff in general, theater, and how it all mixes. Graduate of Wabash College, with studies in Theater, English, German, and Gender Studies.
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