My Issue Is With Gearbox

Hemingway said some stuff. It’s an indication of a wider problem with casual sexism, sure.

I’ve slowly been building anger over how the issue has unfolded, but largely because there is a request from some quarters that the tone of the argument be dialed back a bit for an honest mistake. Perhaps? There are arguments to be made about what tactics work best when, though I tend to view it as take all the approaches, use what works for you (I do not operate under the assumption that all activism is to win hearts and new recruits: sometimes it’s just to give myself some fuckin’ catharsis), and let others sort it out. No movement is ever one with one brilliant tactic, after all. You didn’t build it on your own and all that jazz.

No, the issue is that this is a year where we have seen constant furors over issues of sexism and general cluelessness when some privileged party says something insulting and is surprised when they are called out on it. While there are certain folks who want to hand wave this as everyone just being too “Politically Correct,” I’ve stated my opinion on this asinine defense and stand firmly behind it. It reeks of hand wringing and whinging by people who don’t see what all the fuss is about, and can’t we just focus on the real issues here?

However, on top of this, I don’t have much patience when it comes to Gearbox opening its maw and firmly sticking its foot in there, slavering over it in some disgusting display of its sexual politics. Considering Duke Nukem in general or its use of fags as hur-hur we made an ‘edgy’ joke that has no relevance or real context? Or taking journalists to a strip club as a press event? While I applaud the addition of Ellie as a seemingly positive portrayal of a plus-sized woman who doesn’t give a shit, I’m still wary of the company’s overall culture and marketing.

Therefore, it isn’t about making sure Hemingway has proper PR training. That’s just admitting that we need to put a piece of furniture of that nasty stain on the carpet. Let them air their opinions so I can rightly decide how I wish to approach their company. They also do not have a blank slate, and if they want people to not throw the word sexism around, they might actually want to work at combating that label.

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