Need More XP

I fell off the blogging bandwagon for a bit, largely because I relocated to Berlin, and have since found myself not being able to fully settle (yet, I’m hoping to do so in the coming months, though it may mean another move). Which is not to say my working on writing has completely stopped, and I recently started up again, so there may be use of this spot yet (which, incidentally, you can now also reach by typing in or into your URL box).

Meanwhile, three pieces of writing I found noteworthy, and you may as well:

  • I want to interview more people, as I find it an interesting endeavor. Interviewing drag queens who game, for instance, allows for a lot of fun.
  • Choice of Games let me catch an early peek at Choice of Intrigues, which is their sequel to Choice of Romance (and only the second in a planned trilogy). My review is here. Largely it’s a look at how the game functions as a reflection on our own society, but then I played two same-sex romances. There’s something further in the works on that title, however.
  • Then there’s my step back into writing for The Border House, with a post about the Politics of Game Hair, particularly natural hair. I know from the technical side the argument will be that there’s still a lot of work to be done in general. I get that, I understand. But unless someone points this out, I fear it would be all too easily ignored.

Beyond that, you can now add me to Circles on Google+, which I’ve been using to post all manner of short-form thoughts.

Articles on which I’m working include:

  • The history of the Sims franchise as it parallels the fight for same-sex marriage.
  • More interviews, particularly for the upcoming (in October) Ada Lovelace Day.
  • Some fun stuff with Choice of games.
  • The ending to my posts about Half-Life 2, which will be on The Border House.
  • Examining the story of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.
  • Possibly something examining how playing many Facebook games often makes me feel like I’m playing at an Advent Calendar.

About Denis Farr

Writer interested in intersectionality, games, comics, nerdy stuff in general, theater, and how it all mixes. Graduate of Wabash College, with studies in Theater, English, German, and Gender Studies.
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