Favorite Game of 2009

Michael Abbott asked me to be on a gamers’ confab podcast to discuss my favorite game of 2009 alongside Alex Raymond and Matthew Gallant. I wish to thank him for having me, and to my fellow podcasters for the discussion we had. If you have been reading this blog, you can probably guess what my favorite game of the year was.

Parts one, two, and three are also available, and you’ll notice that excepting Demon’s Souls (a game I will pick up again), the games vary pretty widely.

While I could wax poetic about the games of last year, I will say it has been my gamiest year yet. Being involved with this community, writing here (and other places), and having discussions on Twitter, in IRC channels, and on forums has been the highlight of my increasing interest in games.

Thank you all.

Also, it looks like I will be traveling to Boston in March to attend PAX East, my first gaming convention, and my second convention ever (the first going to Wizard World Chicago). I’ll be covering it for GayGamer, but plan on having plenty of time to socialize and enjoy my fellow gamers’ company.


About Denis Farr

Writer interested in intersectionality, games, comics, nerdy stuff in general, theater, and how it all mixes. Graduate of Wabash College, with studies in Theater, English, German, and Gender Studies.
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