I am now an official writer over at Appropriately, I am known as VorpalBunny over there. The plan is to write a post to be published at 14.00 EST every weekday.

Here’s my first article, thanks to Simon Ferrari. The things I left out were due to trying to be more professional, but someone at Kotaku should be slapped for daring to use the pronoun its in conjunction with a person of ambiguous sex (virtual or not).

What does this mean for Vorpal Bunny Ranch? Better things. The problem with my life has largely been trying to figure out what I want to do with it. Those decisions have been made: games, whether that be acting, writing, designing, et cetera. I’m still working on my prototype of Love Life, and will beta test and publish the results and design documents and scribblings here when done.

Now that my ennui is over, and I find myself looking at many projects while keeping busy, I am spending more time focused. The plan is to be a weekly blog; publish one article a week. This includes the LGBT Spotlight, Gayble, game criticism (not reviews, however), and general thoughts on gaming (and, of course, Corvus Elrod‘s Blogs of the Round Table).

Not to mislead, my stint at GayGamer will not be as in depth as I frequently strive to achieve here. If I write reviews, they will be proper reviews. There will be news stories covered. Opinion articles are accepted, but I don’t wish to be that guy. This will still largely be my space to critically engage games themselves.

There are also a few ideas I have for Critical-Distance, including a possible critical compilation of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, which I just finished last night. So, you know, if any particular posts on that game caught your fancy (or you’re proud of your own), please let me know in the comments.

Thank you for all of your support over this past year plus. When I started, I would never have guessed at making so many informative and delightful friends, or to learn nearly as much as I have. Here’s to another year of much learning and reading from you all.

P.S. Thanks to SnakeLinkSonic, this site will have a new banner coming as soon as I finish making the font to accompany his lovely artwork seen above.


About Denis Farr

Writer interested in intersectionality, games, comics, nerdy stuff in general, theater, and how it all mixes. Graduate of Wabash College, with studies in Theater, English, German, and Gender Studies.
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7 Responses to Ch-ch-changes

  1. Congradulations and I wish you well on your endevours. I am glad to see that you will continue to write here. It’s always nice to pull everything you’ve worked for together.

  2. Seth says:

    Congratulations sir! I’ve been ceaselessly impressed with both your bravery and success in pursuing writing online, and I wish I had even a fraction of the discipline you’ve displayed.

    It was also quite a timely article, since I’d just seen another article on that character the other day (on Kotaku maybe?) and it was interesting to see a deconstruction, at least in part, of the terms and issues it presented. It looks like you’re writing in a good place, too, given how many of the commenters were able to take the topic to a very specific place.

    Congratulations again!

  3. Sinan says:

    I read the Kotaku post on Kaine yesterday and considered writing something myself, but I’m glad I didn’t because you verbalized my thoughts better than I would’ve. Great start, looking forward to more of your work at GG.

    Not that I’m overly proud, but I did write something on U:DF earlier this year:

  4. “someone at Kotaku should be slapped for daring to use the pronoun its in conjunction with a person of ambiguous sex (virtual or not).”

    I’m going to be a bit more sympathetic towards the Kotaku writer than you, just because the ambiguity with which the character was presented went beyond biology and gender, but involved supernatural possessions; thus the issue of whether or not we’re really even dealing with a categorical human (let alone male or female) is in play. That for me is where the dreaded “it” came in, out of confusion on that point more than anything else.

    But beyond that, the particular conflation of sex, gender, and biology is very unique in this character. Physically (sexually aggressively) presenting as female, but maybe possessing male organs (I assume tucked considering the paucity of garments), yet a personality/voice/attitude that presents as aggressively male, which may not be of the human hosts choice, but rather that of a parasitic demon possession. The Inuit people may have 400 words for snow (they actually don’t, it’s a myth), but English certainly doesn’t have a pronoun that can stand in for the above distinction.

    I also, on the phone later, am interested in discussing the idea of you waiting until the character expresses their choice of identification to chose a pronoun. As this ‘character’ is really nothing more than an idea/image that will say or do what its told (the its in that case was referring to the meta-character/sprite/3D frame and not the in game character) then allowing it the same self-labeling freedoms as sentient beings seems a might bit like overkill.

  5. Denis Farr says:

    Thank you, all.

  6. Chris Lepine says:

    Woohoo! Damned great to hear Denis! Now I’ll be able to read/comment on your work daily :D

  7. deckard47 says:

    I’m completely late in the congratulations here (although I’ve been keeping up with you at Gay Gamer, so I’ve payed some of my dues, I hope. I’m curious to see this compilation for Drake’s Fortune. It’s a game that (until very recently (with the release of the sequel), a lot of writers thought they could ignore for various ill-considered reasons.

    I know Brinstar has a good recent post on Drake’s Fortune (, as does my blogging partner in crime, here:

    Looking forward to all the stuff you pull together!

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