Director’s Notes

Dramatis Personae:
Director – Director
Zoey – Rose_Burns
Louis – Danteschmidt73
Bill – ShawnShaunsonMcGee
Francis – 1Mark 9von9 Russo0

Okay, sit down.

Here’s the deal: you people need to get over yourselves. None of you is the star by him or herself. There are four movies in the works, and we’re still not sure which of you will survive–we’ve decided to play this by ear.

Now, to the notes.

Rose, I love how you’re taking charge and running down the stairs, starting to shoot the infected in the kitchen. If you could try crouching next time, Shawn will have better motivation to shoot into the room also. As it is, he’s trying to shoot around you. We’re not filming Wanted here.

Mark, when the Smoker grabs Rose, I know you can’t see the Smoker. The shot we have means the audience also knows you can’t see the Smoker. Don’t shoot, but run up to Rose and bash at the tongue–this is the cue for the Smoker’s tongue to retreat. You do recall what a cue is, right? Let’s work at giving the proper ones.

Dante, hear what I just told Mark? How about you do the same when the Hunter jumps on Mark right behind you. Turn around and shove the fucker off. Mark’s directions clearly say he cannot push him off, so you’re going to have to, heavens forbid, actually work together.

Rose, I realize you want more camera time, but I would prefer you talk to me about this beforehand. Do not wildly go running in front of your teammates that are clearly taking aim. Remember this whole blocking thing that you’ve written down? It may help to reference that once in a while.

Everyone, we had you shoot the first car alarm to let everyone know what happens when you do. However, the extras get confused when you activate a cue that was not supposed to come. Yes, they are told to run after you when the alarm goes off. Yes, this may be haphazard, because you don’t know from which direction they’ll come. How about we just not shoot the car next time?

Dante and Shawn, you’re both taking up the rear, which I told you to do, but do I really need to remind you guys to close the doors behind you? Think zombie apocalypse. Think you’ve never fully cleared the area behind you. Think close the door behind you.

Guys and gal, if you sit around too long, I have the cameras rolling. What this means is I’ll throw more infected after you. If you cannot recall what you need to do next, or are waiting on one of your fellow actors, be prepared to improvise. We’re really trying for long, continuous shots here. We’re not working with the fast, short shots that you see in the 28 Days/Weeks Later films. This is supposed to be intense and exhausting.

Mark, we purposely have the second Boomer hurl all over you so that you can show how to use the pipe bomb. As soon as he does this and you realize what has happened, I need you to throw that bomb. We let the audience know how important these weapons are. This becomes important before the final siege, when you guys don’t have anymore.

I want everyone to practice reloading while pushing the infected away with your weapon. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll really be showing everyone how much you’ve had to learn since the infection spread. When you feel your character has learned this, start doing it. We don’t have room for much character growth, so we need to communicate this in their experience.

Dante, the last Hunter is jumping at you. You see the Hunter. Your character does not panic. By this point, Louis has steeled his nerves, just like the other survivors. What I need you to do is whack your shotgun in front of you. Gene knows that he’s supposed to be hit back, he’s trained in this sort of thing.

Shawn, you’re the older person. We’re playing with the audience’s perception, you have a need to prove your veteran status. When the Tank has Rose down on the ground, your character is supposed to run and and hit him with the butt of his automatic. The Tank will then chase you. Rose does not necessarily want to play dead when she doesn’t have to do so.

Rose, the Smoker grabs Mark right before you get on the helicopter. What I need you to do, is shoot the tongue while the others are providing cover. Stop, aim, and shoot, but don’t take too long.

Above all, no one deviate from the script so much that you go running ahead of the others. We’re creating a film here about working together, not a bunch of solo badasses. Yes, we’re allowing you some freedom, but some parts just don’t work as well if you’re not willing to follow the script.

Get some rest, we’re shooting again tomorrow.


About Denis Farr

Writer interested in intersectionality, games, comics, nerdy stuff in general, theater, and how it all mixes. Graduate of Wabash College, with studies in Theater, English, German, and Gender Studies.
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2 Responses to Director’s Notes

  1. Ben Abraham says:

    Damn, this should be required reading for all players.Even *I* had never heard of whacking the tank to get him to chase you. Sounds dangerous, but also sounds useful.

  2. Denis Farr says:

    It’s quite dangerous, and does not always work. Have seen it work quite often, however. Just make sure you know to where you’ll run afterward.

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