Fanboy, meet Denis.

There aren’t too horribly many things over which I become a fanboy these days. I might squee and awww over a chocobo in a white mage outfit, but I just as easily move on and look at kittens and do the same.

As the name of this blog suggests, however, I am a large advocate of the Quest for Glory series, despite finding something over which to quibble in a previous post. The games really are that good.

If you don’t believe me, I suggest trying it for yourself–for free. AGDI just released the fan remake of the second title, Trial by Fire. Each game was set in a different mythos, this one choosing that of a Middle Eastern flavor. The first was Nordic/Western European, third African, fourth Slavic/Eastern European, and fifth Greek (though certain elements, such as Baba Yaga, found themselves throughout the series). They also had corresponding seasons, though this was somewhat disrupted with the addition of the third game, which was not in the original planning of the series.

I still recall my mother installing all manner of Sierra games on the computer that saw its presence in my room at our first home in Tennessee. Quest for Glory III: Wages of War quickly became my favorite for a number of reasons. While it was probably the weakest in story and gameplay in the series, though that’s hardly an insult (I did love the wizard duel), it gave me the taste of being able to play an adventure game where the puzzles not only made sense and had clear indications on how to be solved, but there were often many solutions to any given impediment. I went back and played So You Want to be a Hero and Shadows of Darkness in quick succession.

Shamefully, I never played Trial by Fire until the promise of the fifth came through the modem. While I grew up on typing based adventure games, it somehow intimidated me as it should not have.

NB: This is not the more substantive post to which I alluded earlier, but fanboy inspired posts won’t come by here too frequently (I hope).


About Denis Farr

Writer interested in intersectionality, games, comics, nerdy stuff in general, theater, and how it all mixes. Graduate of Wabash College, with studies in Theater, English, German, and Gender Studies.
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2 Responses to Fanboy, meet Denis.

  1. Chris Lepine says:

    Ah ha ha.. I’ve been waiting for this puppy to get released. Looks like I’ve got something to keep me busy for the next couple of weeks!I have to admit that Quest for Glory I and III were my favorites, and kept my sister and I busy for months at a time. What made QFG3 stick out for me was the texture of the world – the music reminded me of a mix between european, african, and arabian influences – a kind of musical pastiche that you’d find in a place like the streets of Morocco. The art was stunning… the colors were always warm – oranges and yellows punctuated by bright greens (trees in the desert). It felt like a welcome break from the usual high fantasy trap. Something about those things together kept me coming back.I also found QFG2 impenetrable … although I cannot imagine why, since I had played almost every Sierra text parser. Part of it was the horrid city exploration at the start of the game – you really had to rely on your cartography skills to get through it. It’s the only QFG game I never finished.. I’ll be glad to play it through thanks to AGD Interactive!

  2. Denis Farr says:

    The map system was rather difficult to navigate, at least when I first started playing the series. By the time I was thirteen it was much more manageable.I also enjoyed the removal from high fantasy. It being steeped in mythology and not having elves, dwarves, and the like probably most caught my attention. Having grown up in a Dungeons and Dragons household, it was something refreshing and new.

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