Wii Play the Game

According to sales figures and word of mouth, one could estimate that the Nintendo Wii is popular. It can also still be rather difficult to locate in some regions. Chicago is one of these areas.

Color me surprised when I walked about my office today and saw a Wii on an absent intern’s desk. Looking at my boss for an explanation, she let me know that this was to be the center of attention at the next trade show booth we would be attending. Considering I work for a human resources firm, a look of confusion quickly set itself on my face.

Seeing my furrowed brow, my boss tried to explain further.

All I really heard, and she agreed, was that the Wii is popular: it will draw attention to our booth and engage any passers by.

Again, I tried to think of how my human resources company in any way relates to the Wii. I failed. The premise is supposedly to push that the Wii is the new way to game, and we’re the new way to recruit… I wasn’t sold. It seems a very tenuous connection at best. However, it will probably succeed in its execution.

Now, I do not work in a gamer hostile environment. My boss and I frequently discuss the Wii, her son’s gaming habits, and I frequently field questions about this particular hobby all around my building. From middle-aged women to twenty-something males, I discuss videogames a lot at work.

I enjoy my Wii. Granted, I only purchased mine this past year, and I have a whole back catalog of games for both it and the Gamecube to experience. However, it’s curious to see the ways in which it is muscling its way into the broader marketplace and earning cultural cachet.

Many were disappointed with E3 this year, in particular one could hear many a moaning of Nintendo fanboys. Supposedly the hardcore gamer is being neglected in favor of the casual gamer, and I look at it all with a sense of, And…? Don’t you believe you’re overreacting just a little?

There will be the ‘hardcore’ games alongside the ‘casual’ ones, but I find the terms to be wholly inappropriate as to how much I may enjoy a particular game. It only speaks to what parts of my gaming appetite it may satisfy, and even those particular terms seem woefully inadequate.

So, while I may not be particularly impressed with my company’s use of the Wii at the trade shows, rest assured, I find it to be such because of not seeing exactly how it ties in with my company in particular. It is not within my plans to be in any way dismissive of those it might snare into actually trying out the system.


About Denis Farr

Writer interested in intersectionality, games, comics, nerdy stuff in general, theater, and how it all mixes. Graduate of Wabash College, with studies in Theater, English, German, and Gender Studies.
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